About me..

.. well, I am Xanthi, but I bet you knew that already!




I am pretty stubborn, open minded, totally organized, focused on details, strategic, with analytical skills and I provide excellent level of service while working under pressure. Absolutely, social media and digital marketing lover! Wife of Evangelos and mother of Stergios-Rafail!


Bringing along my Greek culture and my almost 11 years IT expertise, I am now focusing on Inbound Marketing utilizing my recent knowledge in that area by taking certifications that are needed. Furthermore, I strongly believe that social media are now an important part of every company’s marketing strategy and I want to combine that with my great passion in using them.Since I am amazed by this philosophy and even more because I am totally able to fit in it and be productive,  I decided a small shift in my career, looking to put in good use my creativity and skills in that area.


About my character..

  • I firmly believe in team spirit and cooperation, trying to be a great team player, using my analytical skills and my ability to find unconventional solutions when needed in benefit of my team.
  • I enjoy being open minded to other people’s ideas and proposals that through dialogue and communication would enhance our team capability of innovation.
  • A result – oriented approach, providing excellent level of service while working under pressure is always my aim, trying to motivate my colleagues towards our common goals.
  • Throughout my life, I have a strong sense of responsibility, the ability to take initiative, try to choose the best possible action under specific conditions and always have willingness to learn more to become constantly better.


About my hobbies..

Spare time is pretty difficult to be found. You see yourself in that, right? Daily routine (working, being a mom) is too demanding, BUT when I do find time I enjoy:

  • Friends companionship (You know coffee, drinks, chatting..)
  • Walks (Love the feel of walking no matter what the weather is.. just breathing fresh air!)
  • Travelling (I believe I could live on an airplane..)


About this blog..

I love blogging! It is a way to express myself through a topic. During my preparation, I believe I become better. Better blogger, better marketer, better person!

Since I am dealing with marketing and social media, you will find articles that will help you understand the inbound methodology and guide you through all of the stages, successfully.


Let’s continue this beautiful trip together! Your feedback is precious… Shall you join me?