2016 – Always Ready for Great Changes!

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2016 is officially here! New year, new perspectives, new opportunities!

In every each one of us, the advent of the new year fill us with dreams, aspirations and brings us close to.. changes! Changes related to our lives in general and changes that have to do with ourselves! We make our self-criticism and through this, we set new goals… This is exactly what I did!

2016 – Always Ready for Great Changes!

Granted that we –as family– decided to relocate, looking for a better quality of life, a new job is needed. Having almost 11 years in IT field, I am now focusing on Inbound Marketing utilizing my recent knowledge in that area by taking certifications that where needed. I strongly believe that social media are now an important part of every company’s marketing strategy. That’s why I want to combine that with my great passion in using them. So I decided a small shift in my career, looking to put in good use my creativity and skills in that area.

As a person I love attention to details. I am always trying to deliver top performance using my analytical skills and my ability to find unconventional solutions. This period I am studying about best available techniques in social media and marketing and take certifications that are needed, while keeping myself informed and open minded.

I do not fear!

I have found many challenges in my life and I have overcοme them.. Besides, when you want something very much, the whole universe conspires to get it! Is that what they say?

Wish me best of luck (and yes offer me a job :D)!

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She is pretty stubborn, open minded, totally organized, focused on details, strategic, with analytical skills and she provides excellent level of service while working under pressure. Absolutely, social media and digital marketing lover!

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